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What happens when a US Army Ranger and an International Soccer Player partner up?


On a trip to Guam with the Matao, Guam’s Mens National Soccer Team, we observed and recorded a number of instances where players were forced to prepare with inadequate, mass-produced tools and equipment. Using the knowledge and experience we had acquired through the years, we decided that a stronger, longer lasting, higher performance tool for elite athletes was absolutely necessary. It was from this decision that the first ever Gurilla Roller was conceived.

We knew we needed to develop a muscle roller that would outperform anything currently on the market and have a look and feel that is altogether different. In a place where PVC and high-density foam have historically dominated, Gurilla was born to tighten the noose around the competition. Pun intended.

It took almost 2 years to work out all the kinks, but after extensive field testing with elite athletes, we developed a one of a kind manufacturing process ensuring every Gurilla Roller maintains the highest standards of quality.

Furthermore, using high quality plastics and mold resistant polypropylene or paracord rope, Gurilla Rollers are created for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike and designed to withstand the test of time. Most rollers are made of foam or plastics that break down over time. Even with vigorous and constant use, Gurilla Rollers keep their integrity for years.

Our patent pending cordage technology is what sets us apart, Gurilla Rollers work your muscles and soft tissue at a higher density than other “foam” rollers on the market. The rope also allows for a better grip on the myofascial tissue without sticking to your skin or pulling hairs. This facilitates increased blood flow, increased range of motion and most importantly, quicker recovery times.

To top it all off, ever single roller is 100% Made in the USA. Boom.


Ryan Guy


As an ex-professional soccer player, Ryan understands the close connection that athletes have with their equipment. In his time with the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer, Saint Patrick’s Athletic of the Premier League of Ireland, and the “Matao”, Guam’s National Soccer Team, he found that the worst possible reaction to any sports product was indifference.

Ryan, his wife, and three kids live in San Diego, California where he also coaches and is a director of an elite youth soccer club. He has seen first-hand the positive affects of a solid athlete care program coupled with the right tools; less injuries and quicker recovery times!

He fully subscribes to the idea that for a piece of equipment to be optimal, it must be efficient but it should also evoke a visceral emotional response. In other words, it must look, feel, and work just right. This is his goal for every single Gurilla product.

Rob de Guzman


Born and raised in Guam, USA, Rob is a former U.S Army Ranger assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion Sniper/Recon Platoon and has spent the better part of his life dedicated to pushing the limits of the human body.

As a youth, Rob competed in Soccer, Track and Field, American Football, and various other sports. His true love was Soccer though, and he went on to make a number of appearances with the U19 squad of the Guam National Soccer Team. He soon found himself compelled to fight for his country however, and enlisted in the Army shortly after finishing school.

After two intense combat tours with the Ranger Battalion and 6 years of service, Rob finally made his way back home where his love for athletics was re-ignited and intensified. After meeting up with Ryan and beginning the story of Gurilla, he made a massive move with his wife and three kids to San Diego, California where he currently resides.

As certified massage therapist, Rob is committed to pushing the boundaries of athlete care through study, innovation, and good old fashioned hard work.